Nathanael Kapner, Communist

Nathanael Kapner, an apparent American-Jewish convert to Greek Orthodoxy, writes that Vladimir Putin signals the great renewal that will bring about the last days.

The self-professed American patriot is an ardent supporter of the faux-rightist Ron Paul, opposes American national defense because, he claims, it is part of a Zionist/New World Order conspiracy, and supports “Palestinians”.

From his website, RealJewNews:


ON JANUARY 14 2008 Russian President Vladimir Putin made a statement at an Orthodox Christian prayer ceremony that will make the Jews shake in their shpilkies (guts): “The Russian government is indebted to the Russian Orthodox Church and will facilitate the revival of religion in Russia.”See: “State Will Repay Debt To Russian Orthodox Church”
While George W Bush is lighting Hanukkah candles in the White House and allowing Jew Cabinet Members like Michael Mukasey to put up mammoth Hanukkah Menorahs on the White House Lawn, Russian President Vladimir Putin is lighting Christian candles in Orthodox Christian churches! Bravo!

Jews fear strong Christian political leaders like Vladimir Putin who take a stand for Christianity. Methinks that the year 2008 is going to be the beginning of not only pie in the face of the New World Order Jews, but also a backlash against the Jewification of the Western World. And the backlash has begun with Vladimir Putin!


admin January 15, 2008 @ 12:15 pm
To William –
The Orthodox Christian Church to which I belong does not recognize “Nostradamus” or “Edgar Cayce” as having any validity whatsoever. Rather the Church considers both men to be under demonic influence.
The Orthodox Christian Church is a continuation of the revelation given by the Holy Spirit in the Old Testament and has its own prophets and teachers of the New Testament.
Thus the Holy Spirit inspired prophets and teachers have instructed us that in the last days a great world wide revival will occur throught the instrumentality of an Orthodox Christian Russia and a renewed pious Tzarist rule.
[sic] Vladimir Putin is showing signs of the beginning of the great renewal.
+Brother Nathanael

This frizzy-haired Communist should go back to to the Soviet Union, where he belongs.


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